Press “Cultural Expedition Avannaa in Yakutia: Our Neighbor – Greenland.” “Expedition Avannaa: We Are Alike.” “Expedition Avannaa: The Polar Explorer’s Day.”

ExplorersWeb. “On the Siberia’s Road of Bones, you travel in a tractor’s scoop”

Greenland Today. Greenland Week in New York City.

Greenland Today. Greenland Week in New York. 

Greenland Today.  Greenland Week Is Not Over.

Greenland Today. Greenland Week in Kyrgyzstan. 

Greenland Today. Aja Ajaja and The Tale of Uummannaq on The Great Silk Road.

Greenland Today. Greenland Week in New York

The Explorers Club. Lecture Series: “Uummannami Nipi” Uummannaq: Revival of the Aja Ajaja with Galya Morrell

BBC. First Person. Galya Morrell: An Arctic Life from Red Army to Ice Artist

Kultura TV. ICEBERG(s) and Expedition Avannaa

Art Flash. ICEBERG(s) in Moscow Museum of Architecture

SNOB. Expedition Avannaa Brings ICEBERG(s) to Moscow.

RABKOR.RU The Enchantment of ICEBERG(s)


MUSEUM.RU Expedition Avannaa Brings ICEBERG(s) to Moscow

Yakutia. National newspaper of Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). “Greenlandic Expedition Avannna will unite the Northerners” Avannaa Meets Chukotka. Part 4. Avannaa Meets Chukotka. Part 3. Avannaa Meets Chukotka. Part 2. Avannaa Meets Chukotka. Part 1. Cultural Expedition Avannaa and The Indigenous Day in the Russian Arctic.

“Love the Planet, Ecological Committee Green Valentine @ Anglo-American School in Moscow. Galya Morrell and Ole Jorgen Hammeken,polar explorers. Lecture.

The Antarctic Book of Cleaning and Cooking. Expedition Avannaa and their ICEBERG(s)

BBC World Service. The Forum. Silence.

White City Project. ICEBERG(s). Expedition Avannaa Exhibition ICEBERG(s) at the Museum of Architecture in Moscow.

Business of Russia. Cultural Expedition Avannaa Connects Lands and Preserves Cultures.


Radio Romantica. ICEBERG(s) Melt Hearts

CULTMOS.RU ICEBERG(s) Arrive to Moscow

Kyym. Yakutia National Newspaper. Expedition Avannaa and Greenland Month in Yakutia.

The Extreme North. Chukotka National Newspaper. Greenland Week in Chukotka.

Kyym. Cultural Expedition Avannaa in Yakutia.

The Parliament of Chukotka official website. Greenland Days in Chukotka.

The Rutgers Initiative on Climate and Society. Expedition Avannaa and Vanishing Ice and Culture in Northern Greenland.

The Moscow Times. Trends and Ideas. A journey to the Ultimate North of Greenland.

Rosfoto. Cultural Expedition Avannaa to the North of Greenland., Kyrgyz Culture Makes Its Way to Greenland.

Skolkovo School of Management. Avannaa Meets Chukotka. 

ExplorersWeb. Expedition Avannaa in Northern Greenland.

EURONEWS SPECIAL REPORTS “Learning World: Leaving no orphans behind”

Scandinavia House. Greenland Week at Scandinavia House.

The Prime Russian Magazine,  The White Party 

Scandinavia House. The Tale of Uummannaq and The Revival of Aja Ajaja.

BBC. First Person. Galya Morrell: An Arctic Life from Red Army to Ice Artist Ole Jorgen Hammeken speaks about Premiere of INUK in USA.

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